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PVC Wells

PVC well casing and drop pipe have gained broad acceptance since their introduction over 40 years ago. Due to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties, PVC is becoming the predominant and preferred material used for water wells. The use of PVC well casing for private water wells has been part of the Wisconsin's Private Well Code NR812 since 1975.

PVC is completely immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion so it won't rust or rot like metal pipe can. Rust and scale that build up on steel casing will not happen with PVC. It is not susceptible to common problems with acidic water, iron bacteria, ferrous or ferric iron, soil pH, or bacterial agents. If there is iron in the source water, it is not compromised further by PVC the way steel casing can. Iron bacteria, in particular has become an increasing problem for private wells in northern Wisconsin, but PVC casing does not support bacterial growth.

PVC's excellent chemical resistance makes it immune to virtually all chemicals normally used in wells, including chlorine-based disinfectants and the highly corrosive acids often used for well rehabilitation. Decades from now the inside of a PVC-cased well will be exactly the same as the day that your well was installed. Future maintenance on the well pump will not be complicated by scale build-up inside the well.

With a PVC-cased well you can expect the same costs and characteristics associated with a steel-cased well in terms of volume and pump/pressure systems. The well can be developed to meet the needs of a household if a higher volume is required and the submersible pumps are the same as would be used in other drilled wells. In certain areas it may also be possible to construct a PVC-cased well at a shallower depth due to the method of installation. Gravel pack, that is used when setting the screen at the bottom of the well, filters the fine sand that may otherwise plug the well screen and allows more water to enter the well.

Testing has shown that PVC will have no detrimental effects on the taste or color of potable water. In fact, many people prefer to drink water pumped through PVC rather than water pumped through metal pipe. Most plumbing in new construction and renovations are now done with non-metallic pipe, so why not the well?

NOTE: PVC-cased wells cannot be installed in certain areas where large boulders are prevalent underground or where granite will be encountered early. For these areas the steel-cased well may be the only option, but the pricing is the same.

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